Seal porous tiles! Remove moss and algae! Reduce heat loss!
Enhance your roof's appearance with MR ROOFMAN RENOTEC® Roof Coating.

Roof Protection That Will Last A Lifetime

The MR ROOFMAN RENOTEC® Roof Coating System is the ultimate solution to your roofing problems. Application is simple, safe and quick. Just think, within 1 or 2 days you could be enjoying all the benefits of your newly restored roof ...

Appearance Experience an immediate transformation in the appearance of your home. Get that 'well cared for' look and create a better first impression.

Damp Protection RENOTEC® seals the original tile surface, preventing water ingress, eliminating further surface erosion and stopping moss and algae growth.
Energy Saving Dryer tiles help to reduce heat loss through your roof which means less energy consumption and lower fuel bills.
Low Maintenance - RENOTEC® Roof Coating is water and dirt repellent, so roof tiles will remain clean and attractive for many years to come.
Colour Choice Available in 15 exciting colours, your roof coating can be matched to your exterior decor.
Added Value With its 20 year guarantee, RENOTEC® Roof Coating could help you to sell your home quicker and even increase the value of your property.
Great Savings RENOTEC® Roof Coating is a much cheaper alternative to installing a new roof.

How it works

The RENOTEC roof coating service follows a five step process:

Step 1. One of our qualified surveyors will carry out a Free Roof Survey, leaving you with a detailed report and answering any questions you might have.

Step 2. Then we'll conduct and External Overhaul, realigning and replacing damaged or missing tiles; re-pointing or re-bedding ridge/hip tiles; checking leadwork before covering all lawns flower beds and areas requiring protection.

Step 3. We'll Pre-wash your roof to remove oil, grease, lichen, algae, moss and dirt.

Step 4. We then apply a Biocidal Wash to kill all pesticides and prevent future moss, lichen or algae growth.

Step 5. Finally we'll apply two coats of RENOTEC sealant coating. This forms a chemical bond with the roof tiles and creates a hydrophobic surface resulting in a beading effect so that water simply runs off and is not absorbed.

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