Is Algae infesting your house walls?

Do you have algae infesting your house walls? Are you considering getting it re–painted? You should firstly get it treated and cleaned. We can treat the walls with a professional grade, High purity biocide. Once applied and left to soak into the coating on your walls, It will quickly kill the biofilm of algae and mould inhabiting your building.

This process works on any type of substrate from natural stone, brick, through coloured render, plaster, sand cement mix, painted surfaces, wood, pvc & cladding etc.

A bonus about the treatment - as well as cleaning it also has a preventative quality. For instance if you treat a surface before the long, dark damp winter you will notice very little build up of growth by spring. A good idea is do a test area. We can do this for you. Then compare an area that has been left alone to the elements. We guarantee you will be impressed with the results of the biocide.

There are very little drawbacks with the Algoclear treatment as it is none caustic and non bleaching it will not chemically alter the integrity, texture or colour of the substrate. However, There are safety issues when handling and applying any biocide product. Animals and plants can be harmed if the applicator does not follow the correct procedures. We would advise using an experienced contractor who can display valid insurance, proof of appropriate training, and show the quality of previous work.

Also requesting a demonstration of a sample patch is a good way to establish expected results. We are happy to do free sample cleans as we are confident we can achieve the highest standards of results possible.

Algae Growth

We have the experience and abilities to clean your building no matter how big or dirty it is!

If you have algae infesting your house walls.... Then call us.

After our Pro treatment the house looks like new!

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